Digital vs. Print vs. Cross Media Campaigns?

  • Mar 8, 2019

Digital and print are often viewed by marketing professionals as competitive marketing tools with some favoring one over the other.   At Branded360, we see using these two mediums together to amplify your brand and strengthen your overall campaign.  Cross media campaigns continually have shown to deliver the highest response rates from consumers.

Using print that is visually appealing provides a tangible way to reach new and existing customers.  Delivering these professionally printed marketing materials with salespeople, direct mail or included in every package you ship can boost your sales. They can be used to introduce or re-connect your target consumer to your full line of products and services available on your website.

To connect your print to your digital there should be a call to action in the printed piece that drives your reader to a specific landing page or micro-site. This landing page with web analytics attached will allow you to track the response rate so you can continue to refine your messaging and build stronger campaigns.  Once the person has arrived at the landing page, the digital connection should deliver on your marketing initiatives through special offers, customer only deals, new available products, a discount or information that can be shared with their friends and colleagues to reach a wider audience.

By connecting your digital strategy with your print strategy you can create more cohesive marketing campaigns that engage customers with your brand and enhance their loyalty to your products or services.