How to Use Calendars to Connect

  • Apr 4, 2019

Use Calendars to Connect

Although the new year has arrived, there’s still time to consider calendars. Calendars are a great year-round promotional tool that keeps your company present in customers’ minds each month. Think it’s too late, then consider sending out a 16-18 month calendar in July.

Define a Design and Purpose
Create a theme that is related to the marketing goals of your business. Do you want to highlight specific products or services? Emphasize your overall brand every month? Stay top of mind with your customers? Encourage them to engage with your company through some type of offer? Which ever you choose, make sure imagery is high quality and text compliments the product or image displayed.

Connect and Engage with Customers & Prospects
It’s important to think about how to engage your audience. Include a call to action each month by displaying seasonal specials or forthcoming events to drive traffic. You can also use calendars to add helpful tips or information every month related to highlighted products. It’s also smart to direct your target audience to your social media by including the icons and encourage them to join the conversation about your products or services. Another way to use calendars to connect with your target audience is to incorporate QR codes throughout the calendar. These codes can help drive people to your website, a specialized landing page, or micro-site related to unique offers or specials.

Promote Save the Date Specials and Customer Only Opportunities
Every day offers a unique marketing possibility. Use specific months, weeks or days to offer customers specials or discounts. Combine with a online social media, new product landing page and customer only offers to create a cross media approach to grow your business.