The Value of Premium Corporate Gifts

  • Mar 1, 2019

More and more companies are using the value of premium corporate gifts to leave a lasting impressions with their event attendees and staff. These types of gifts send a strong message that the recipient is appreciated for the efforts or business. Premium corporate gifts can build stronger business relationships with clients and partners and help motivate a corporate team to new goals.

Corporate logo or no corporate logo? Many gift givers want to make sure their logo is on the gift to remind people where they received the item. This is very viable but should be done in a way that doesn’t take away from the gift item itself. A large corporate logo on the item, may keep your recipient from actually using or keeping the item. In many cases, premium corporate gifts do not have any corporate branding by the giver of the gifts. Instead the focus for the recipient is on the experience and thoughtfulness of the gift to deliver the message with subtle branding on packaging.

A key area that separates premium corporate gifts from more traditional promotional merchandise is the way in which it is presented. It’s important to think about how the items are packaged and delivered. This can range from specialty packaging to having the items placed in the attendees’ rooms for their arrival.

More and more of our clients are looking beyond just the premium corporate gifts and looking to include some type of experience. Examples include; Sunglasses with fitting and customized case, shopping spree with multiple products, golf equipment with a teaching clinic, shoes fitting with different styles. The focus is getting attendees to interact with each other and the corporate host in a positive way that will amplify the experience.

Premium corporate gifts enable companies to make the transition from a monetary based relationship to an emotional one. The favorable view of the selected brands translates to your company leaving ultimately the lasting impression that many marketers are looking for with their events and programs.

Each year, more companies recognize the inherent value and importance of these types of gifts as part of their recognition and rewards programs.

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